Monday, April 20, 2015

Early American Women Writers

For my first blog post I would like to highlight Sharon Harris' Early American Women Writers (EAWW) webpage.

I chose this project to launch the blog because it is one of our many "lost" projects. The only way the EAWW might be viewed is through the internet archive, as it was removed in 2014:

The EAWW is also typical of some of our early projects in that it was born out of print scholarship. Harris served as editor of Legacy from 1996-2004 and was the founder and first president of the Society for the Study of American Women Writers. Her print publications recovered crucial American women writers including Judith Sargent Murray and Rebecca Harding Davis, and her 1996 American Women Writers to 1800: An Oxford Anthology expanded and reinstated women in the canon of early American literature. The EAWW includes biographies and works of a broad number of women from this period.

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